Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Drizzle Maw/Domino

We've just reduced Drizzle Maw & Domino to £0.00. Or $0.00 if you're so inclined. I think we're going for a pay-what-you-want thing for anything we do that isn't physical, and seeing how we seem to have a fair few new listeners of late, I thought we'd price the older stuff to match.

Drizzle Maw is a collection of demos for an album that never ended up happening along with various other songs from the same time. I say "demos", but the songs were more or less complete (and some of them were actually complete). It's probably one of the better things we've done.

Domino is a collection of Quimper songs that were featured on various sessions, compilations and other strange places.

Here they are!

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