Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Further Happenings

The Blow Volume 4 - Jodie Lowther + A.R.C. Soundtracks

Jodie features on this new split release from Front & Follow. More ethereal lovely and/or unsettling ambient music that's somewhat in the same vein as last year's Skeleton Moon. Out on cassette/digital download on June 29th, but pre-orders are open now. Limited to 100 copies and selling fast, so don't hang around if you fancy a tape.

The Cleaners From Venus - Star Cafe

Jodie also features on the new Cleaners From Venus album, mostly on the track Spirited Away (see below) but you can hear her pop up here and there on occasion between songs. Out now on CD/digital download!

Feel Guide Volume Seven

Curated by the Caliper Music blog and released by ShanGORIL La Records on delicious vinyl (I'm assuming deliciousness here. Do not eat). Features Quimper song "Thomas Egg Has Little Legs". A song about many things, but mostly eggs. Little ones.

As you can probably see, we are VERY BLOODY BUSY. Work continues on an actual full length Quimper album. We'll have videos and everything. Not sure where that'll end up, but the when will probably be at some point after Summer. Our last EP is still on Bandcamp and still would like a wee pat on the head and maybe a shiny coin for some sweets. See below.


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