Monday, 11 September 2017


Busy couple of weeks over at the Quimper disco gulag which has basically been a toxic biohazard for the past week seeing us in various states of unwell. On the upside, Soft Bodies Bleed Out has bled out, and thank you to anyone and everyone who partook of it's precious life fluids. Probably one of the fastest downloaded things we'd ever put out so it was lovely to go out on a high. Most everyone involved in Soft Bodies (at least recentlyish) is still very much producing music, so I'd urge you all to track down their latest happenings. Should be new things happening from Squadron Scramble and Petunia Liebling MacPumpkin fairly soonish for starters, and the Cleaners From Venus/Martin Newell musical should be out early next year.

Meanwhile, we're finishing up the next Quimper EP. Four more tracks that should be out end of the month/beginning of Octoberish. I think it'll be called "Thomas Egg Has Little Legs". We're planning our next video, which'll be less of a music video and more something with a soundtrack. We also have a "surprise" lined up for Halloween. That'll be...well, it'll be something.

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