Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Little Legs of Thomas Egg

Our next EP nears completion. Four tracks. Probably a little different than the last couple but still the same idea. This lot are a bit more off.

A couple of people recently have asked why we haven't done an album yet. The idea is that when we do a full length release it will be somewhat elaborate. A collection of videos & animations and some sort of live show that'll mean mobilising people to help perform our songs. We don't just want to stand behind a projector again. It'll be a show. All of that will require a fair amount of effort on our part and (at this moment in time, at least) I'd like the support of a label with some resources that can help us promote such a thing and give it a physical release.

Now we're not really the type to go round the houses cap in hand to labels and whatnot (it's just embarrassing for both sides), so we'll keep self releasing/promoting EPs and until someone takes an interest in us *or* we slowly gain more of an audience so we can completely DIY the thing in a way that does it justice. Either way, don't hold your breath. Though with every EP we do, new faces seem to pop up to say hello and more people are kind enough to pop their hand in their pocket so yeah...who knows?

In the meantime, our new EP should be out in a couple of weeks. And we're doing something else whilst wearing a different hat for Halloween. More on that nearer the time.

Apart from all that, Jodie illustrated this lovely Dorian Grey cover that you can see above and I've set up an Instagram that'll mostly personal but you'll see some Quimper related stuff (including a small preview of a track from the next EP) now and again.


and Jodie is already over at:



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