Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Skeleton Moon

Jodie's third solo album is now both out and about. Digital download from Bandcamp, check it out below. Glacial ambience that's strangely calming whilst retaining a good healthy undertone of something not being quite right.

20 tracks. Pay-what-you-want.

If you like it, do please tell people about it. There is no better way to be heard these day than to self replicate digitally through the internet until you pupate and explode through people's faces. Alternatively, you can just retweet it or something. Either or.

Probably not any new Quimper until next year. I mean between the EPs and Jodie's album it's probably enough to be getting on with. I know I mentioned doing a sort of "annual" of tracks that didn't make the EPs, but we're a bit bored of them now and they probably were left off for a reason. If, by some miracle, we find ourselves to be the next Haircut 100 or Fast Food Rockers or something and record labels are clamouring 20 years hence to reissue our back catalogue until we are a dry husk, we shall at least have some bonus tracks.

(there is a very nice alternative version of Thin Theatre I should put up at some point though)


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