Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Hello! Somewhat delayed update due to Christmas, New Year, alcohol and various other distractions. Work continues on various Quimper foetal abominations as we attempt to place as many donks on lazy classical music rip-offs as possible. We'll hopefully have something out at the end of the month but we've probably scrapped an album's worth of demos already so we'll see how it goes. Haven't quite got a feel for where to go next. While it would be easy to do more songs about eggs there's only so much to say about an egg. Well, I'm sure more skilled tunesmiths than I could have a go, but I have no idea what I'm doing at the best of times so easier to move onto other objects.

We're also building a 3x3 miniature city set for future videos. We've got little posters and lamp posts and everything and are working away at slowly making it ever more unsettling. I realise the fuel for this endeavour is less the pursuit of art and more the pursuit of having DINKY THINGS.

Jodie's album is still on Bandcamp (see below) and is now on iTunes, Spotify and all manner of other internet vendors. Enjoy the freedom of choice and thank you to all who have already supported the album by buying it, reviewing it, telling people about it or generally noticing it.

As for other Quimper associates, the long awaited new album by Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin is now out. 17 tracks of the rum and uncanny & Jodie did the cover art. Features Martin Newell doing a guest turn on Mad Hatter's Ball and all sorts of other stuff we'll probably talk about more at a later date. In the meantime, investigate below!

Speaking of Martin, there are still a few copies of Jumble Sale left to buy on Bandcamp. There aren't many left, so don't hang about if you fancy one. You also can now find a ton of old and new Cleaners stuff on iTunes/Spotify/Amazon/everywhere else.

That's about all for now. There's a ton of stuff happening over the next few months, most of which we'll talk about when it's officially announced elsewhere. Watch the skies. Never sleep. Soon now.

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