Thursday, 19 April 2018

What We Did On A Summer Holiday

Werdwolfen - Mewling For Teeb

Presenting a collection of our two sessions recorded for the fine Phantom Circuit programme (plus a couple of bonus tracks) under the Werdwolfen umbrella. I'm afraid it does not include "Yentob Semi" for reasons of taste, decency, and the fact my voice was nowhere near disguised enough to plead ignorance of the horrors included in said song.

Werdwolfen on this occasion consisted of myself and Jodie with a little bit of help from our friend Alex on track 15.

I'm strangely proud of Bone Coat.


Jodie will be guesting on the new Cleaners From Venus album (Star Cafe), which should be out May 21st or thereabouts. More Jodie on something else happening in June that I don't think has properly been announced yet but more on that when it is.

Work continues on Quimper songs. Some are even finished.

That's all for now.



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