Monday, 26 February 2018

Songs By Other People

Some people I know write music. Some of it is even rather good. Here's some now!

The Polymer Cities - Data Rot Vol.1

I had data rot once. Well, *I* didn't, but a CD I owned did. It was one of those gold CDs and it was a pretty awful goth mess of an album so said data rot (or disc rot) was probably a good thing. And hey, so's this. The Polymer Cities is the latest project from Allan Murphy, formerly known as the Midwich Youth Club, who released a couple of albums on our old label back in the day. It's a bit more...not glitchy, but boingy than Midwich. Sort of reminds me a bit of the strange and fantastic soundtracks you'd sometimes get from the more obscure Japanese shoot 'em up games from the 90s. Excellent stuff.

Martin Newell - The Greatest Living Englishman

A long awaited reissue of what is generally considered to be the best introduction to the work of Martin Newell/Cleaners From Venus. I'd possibly go for Going To England myself, but this is a great album. Seems to be sold out damn near everywhere, but I think another run is coming soon. Oh, forgot to mention Andy Partridge. You're contractually obliged to mention he produced it when talking of this album lest faceless horrors from beyond the grave rise from the ground and drag you into the inky depths.

 No Bandcamp link, but here's a recent interview with Aug Stone (also previously of Soft Bodies for a wee while) about the album:

Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin - Uncanny Valley Intro

I think I mentioned the album release on here awhile back but this is the first video to be taken from said album. Ms MacPumpkin painstakingly produced videos for all of the tracks on her first album (Fish Drive Edsels), it was the kind of massive undertaking that only the truly bugfuck insane would attempt and not only was it attempted, it was completed. What do you do then? You do it again, but more so. There will be other forays into Uncanny Valley, this is but the beginning.

That's all for now. As always, our increasingly less new EP is on Bandcamp for free download, but if you pay for it you get a bonus warm feeling of contentment that only comes from giving us money. Honestly, try it. Warm and fuzzy. Mmmmm.

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