Monday, 19 February 2018

Everything's Gone Fred

New Order were probably the first band I ever properly "got into" when I was a teenager. Probably 13-14 or something. The first band where I'd try and track down their albums which was fairly tricky when you were living in the middle of nowhere and it was the days before easy internet access. No CD player, not even a record player then. Just a cheap radio/tape player. I taped Blue Monday off the radio then tried to find the album it was on. The Best Of had just came out so I got that, it was Blue Monday 88. Not the same. Oh dear. And come to think of it a good chunk of the album wasn't exactly great either. Hmm.

But then I got hold of Substance, and that was much more like it. Proper version of Blue Monday. And Everything's Gone Green. That did it. That pretty much swore me off guitars until I went through a regulation awkward teenage Smiths affliction that thankfully cleared itself up before causing too much damage. But Everything's Gone Green had synths and haziness. That's what I still look for music, I think. Haze. Early New Order is great for that, pretty much up to Thieves Like Us. After that it wasn't quite for me anymore, things got too defined.

(Never did get into Joy Division. Ian Curtis is just Fred Schneider on a downer. Why listen to Joy Division when you can listen to the B-52s?)

And once you've finished listened to the B-52s, download our new EP here. It's free, unless you want to give us money. We like it when you give us money. We can buy potato waffles, eggs and bread and eke out our twilight existence a little more.

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