Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A Soft Day

A Soft Day is Quimper's 7th EP. It is out now and you can listen to it below. Four songs about various things dissected in various ways. I could go through what each song is supposed to mean or whatever but it's never that much fun going behind the curtain.

It's been an interesting year for Quimper. Shutting down Soft Bodies meant I had a lot more time to put into Quimper and I think we've probably done our best work because of it. We've definitely had more people listening to us than ever before, and some of you have been amazingly generous in supporting us via buying our music. So thank you.

What next? Well now.

1. Some people still like their music to be imprinted onto something physical. Vinyl, tape, CD, someone's flesh. It has been a very long time since anything Quimper like has been on a physical format but if you like THINGS then you're in luck, because we should have a song on a new vinyl compilation later this year. More details when I get them.

2. An album. Yeah, we really should do an album. We've been around for ages now and we haven't got around to doing one yet. Drizzle Maw & Domino are more collections of demos/uncollected tracks that appeared elsewhere than a proper album. Work has begun on something, and we might well see if we can find a label to give it a physical release. It would be nice to find a home. Probably won't be ready 'til the summer. We *might* have another EP before then, probably something that's a bit of departure from our usual stuff if all goes to plan.

I shall leave you with some songs I've liked recently from other people. Ta-ta for now.

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