Monday, 10 July 2017


Dear mercurial reader flitting from webpage to webpage in a desperate attempt to fill the void, gaze upon a montage of images from the video for our first music video, Overgrown. The song has aged very badly, but the video hasn't. It was directed/created/animated by Jodie, who tends to do everything in Quimper that involves visuals, art and talent. I think the extent of my involvement was spinning a wee circle thing and wiggling my hand around. I may have even propped up a puppet and/or bit of wall at one point.

You can have a look at the complete thing below. Yes, the drums are awful. We were new, we knew not what we do. Or did. We still don't.

Mastering = Vocal Preset on Everything

Work continues on new material. About 12 new songs that are very close to being done. We'll be releasing them as EPs which will remain pay-what-you-want. As soon as we bother to finally sort out our social media then we'll see about finding someone with a pleasing lack of sense and taste to release something physical that you can put on a shelf and forget about. We've had more downloads of our stuff than we've got Twitter followers. Which isn't exactly difficult I know, but that's cack handed even by our dubious standards. We must connect to you all like a big octopus of digital commerce. Bloop.

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