Monday, 24 July 2017

Wake Up Gastone

We have a new EP out today. It is called Wake Up Gastone. It's the second in a series of four track EPs we intend to put out for the rest of the year. Listen here! Now! Here! Now!

Four songs. Couple of instrumentals, another pop number with Jodie on lead vocals and a piano/vocal thing with more Jodie vox. It is, as all these EPs will be, completely FREE unless you want to give us some money. We are not proud. We WILL take your money!

Hard cash is not the only way you can support us though, there are far cheaper and probably more effective ways. The only reason Quimper has any sort of audience is because people have been very lovely about telling other people about us. Our relationship with what's left of the music press mostly consists of us both wishing the other would go away. Our relationship with most people mostly consists of wishing the other would go away, come to think of it. The absolute best way you can support us is by spreading the word of Quimper. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell podcasts. Tell blogs. Tell labels they should release our records. Tell the next person you see in the street. Tweet like a bastard. Poke people on Facebook. Can you not poke people on Facebook anymore? Then poke people in the street. Demand your local radio stations play our songs. Go forth, become our dervish hordes. SMITE IN OUR NAME.

Or, y'know, just tell yer mates that we're quite good. One of the two.

If you haven't heard our last EP, the fine people at the Gated Canal Community show played a couple of tracks from it on one of their recent shows. Link below.

Hopefully should have another EP ready for late August/early September. Possibly with a video. We've also been talking about playing live again, I think we've got a better way of doing it than just hiding behind (or in front of) video projections. The downside is that it's a way that involves me running around in a dog mask and hedge trimmer. Early days, anyway.

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