Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Vision and the Void

There's a lot of talk at the moment about the possible impending demise of Soundcloud. Once upon a time it was a useful tool for easily hosting music, it's long since devolved into a bloated mess that gives birth to a myriad of bots, scammers and assorted bumpf that now makes up the majority of "listeners". I'm not really sure it's potential passing should be mourned, it's time has passed, but there is a pile of stuff hosted on there could well be lost forever. It does make you think about the permanence of what you create. Maybe it's why vinyl is still so popular. CDs can rot, tapes aren't exactly known for their reliability and digitally hosted songs can potentially disappear. Vinyl may well not have the best sound quality, but that's probably not the point. You do wonder how many of these records are actually played. They're to be stored, collected and saved, the familiarity of the tried and tested. Etch yourself in history.

We keep toying with the idea of releasing something on physical media. The only Quimper songs that have been available physically were on the first Soft Bodies compilation. CD just seems a bit flat, and we see-saw on tapes. On one hand few people have tape players and I'm damn sure hardly anyone plays the bastard things. On the other the more people moan about tape releases the more appealing releasing one looks. Eat our hipster tape. Choke on spool/etc. Ah well, we'll see.

Sunday evening has given way to Monday morning. Gah. Time for disco.

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