Monday, 3 July 2017

The Invisible State

Well hello. And here we all are again.

I am Johnny. You may know me from chart unbotherers Quimper, barely active art sloths Werdwolven, various music blogs from back in the day and until very recently, the owner of Soft Bodies Records. I took a pillow to it while it was sleeping, it didn't feel a thing. More likely you haven't a clue who I am and are quite confused to why you're even here in the first place.

Paragon Night Scene is basically a place for us (Quimper) to put all our bits and bobs on display and to keep anyone interested in our latest projects and happenings updated and informed. I shall also ramble about things that I like. It's a blog. It'll do bloggy things.

Things That Have Happened 

Midnight Snack

Our last EP and video have been out a wee while now. You can see the video above, click on Jodie's big green face and ye shall be anointed. Thanks to anyone who downloaded/shared/played on their podcast or just generally interacted with the EP/video. Extra special thanks to anyone who actually bought it and sent some money our way. We tend to do pay-what-you-want downloads and it's always a nice surprise when someone gives us a bob or two.

Juliana 99

Seeing how Soft Bodies was on it's last legs, I thought I'd sneak out a glorified solo album before it shuffled off into oblivion. It's a combination of fairly recent(ish) stuff that either didn't fit Quimper or was going to be used for something else (but wasn't). You've got some aborted soundtrack work in there, a couple of tracks for when I decided I was going to do a "dance" EP (ie, I got drunk with a drum machine and some samples and regretted it in the morning) and a couple of other things. Er, enjoy?

Things That Will Happen

More EPs

We should (hopefully) have another EP ready for the end of July/beginning of August. The plan is to do EPs every few months and try and enough people interested in what we do so that either it's viable for us to put out an album ourselves, or we get someone else interested in releasing it. Another video is planned, but probably not in time for the next EP.

More Jodie solo

Jodie has finally got another solo release ready to go. More details on that when the label it's coming out on are ready to spill the beans. And they are fine beans. If you liked Circles & Holes and Klepsydra, you'll go full ham for this.

Soft Bodies Bleed Out

The final Soft Bodies release will be one last compilation featuring various SB related people and a few new faces. There should be a new Quimper song on there somewhere.

That's pretty much the plan for the forseeable. As always, all plans are subject to change due to boredom and...well, it's normally boredom.


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